A novelty designed for all guests who love enjoying a wonderful vacation in a V.E.D Hotel (Very Exquisite Details) with a convenient rate.

CAPRICHOS is a Menu of Whimsy Amenities that will make you feel truly pampered on your vacation.
(Single charge, per stay, per room, per couple…$150usd)



  1. Soap Fascination
  2. Foot Spa Fetish
  3. A pillow Thing
  4. 400-T count cotton sheets
  5. Robe and sleepers Crazee
  6. Heating pillow furor
  7. Wine and cheese delirium
  8. Fruit Passion
  9. Nacho Macho Fantasy
  10. Breakfast in bed disorder (only service and tips)

Reserve your Five CAPRICHOS and live a wonderful experience at Coral Princess Hotel & Dive Resort Cozumel


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